Who is

“Dr. Stosh” is a character portrayed by Mark Potuck. Stosh was developed by Mark about 30 years ago, and has been his main vehicle for delivering health information ever since.

OK, you say…so who is Mark Potuck? That’s a commonly asked question. In fact, those who know him, and understand why he runs around the country encouraging folks to make healthy choices, are in a definite minority. So, for those of you suffering from uncontrollable curiosity, here’s the skinny on this slightly less than world-renowned motivational speaker:

Dr. Stosh? Or Mark Potuck?

Mark was born in Rochester, NY, in June of 1944. He escaped from West High School in August, 1962 (somehow, with a diploma in his hand), and, after flunking out of the newly established Monroe Community College, went to work at a local hospital, where he quickly developed a deep interest in the field of health care.

In January of ’65, he became a resident of Southern California, and in September, started studying at El Camino Junior College. Just five years later, Long Beach State University awarded him a bachelors in Health Education, and a mere six years after that, UCLA begrudgingly inked his name on a Master of Science in Public Health degree. (Let’s see…11 years…almost enough time to become a brain surgeon! Come to think of it, he does like getting inside people’s heads.)

Once he entered the field of health education, however, he really started to blossom. A latent thespian, he quickly learned that theatrics, humor and music were legitimate vehicles for cruising down the health promotion highway.

Then, in 1989, after 17 years of school and community health educating, he decided to take his “wellness show” on the road, and, after almost 20 years of coast to coast presenting & performing, for audiences of all ages, he still loves his chosen profession…despite the airports, motels and rental cars!

Should this bio seems brief, don’t be fooled. If Mark is with your group for any length of time, you’ll likely learn much more about him…perhaps more than you or any tabloid could use in a lifetime. But please do not fear, for he has a way of making the experience rather painless. In fact, he usually elicits a fair number of smiles, chuckles, and, occasionally, a guffaw or two.