Anything I Can Do, You Can Do Better!

Change seldom comes easily. Whether altering our lifestyles; changing careers; or improving relationships, old habits are tough to break. If we’re really serious about achieving our goals, most of us require some sort of organized approach, in order to be successful.

In this session, “Dr. Basil Worthington” (one of Mark’s alter egos) encourages participants to be aware of the wealth of resources available to assist in the process of self-improvement. He presents ideas from Covey to Ziglar…Dyer to Peale. However, as Basil will share, he believes many present day authorities were greatly influenced by the writings of Napoleon Hill. Therefore, Dr. Hill’s “17 Universal Principles of Success and Achievement” are presented in some detail.

Does this all sound a bit too academic? Well, fear not, for humorous slides and music make the concepts presented much more palatable. In fact, most participants say the experience is no more painful than a root canal…with proper anesthesia, of course. As with any workshop or presentation, Basil believes what happens after the session is most important. In fact, it’s rumored he once said, “Inspiration is of little value, without perspiration!”