Health is No Laughing Matter . . .
Or Is It?

Someone once said, “life’s not easy!” You’re right, a lot of people have said that, and one of the things that makes life a challenge is staying healthy. Maintaining a high level of well-being is not a piece of cake (pun intended), and changing poor health habits is even tougher. Fact is, any kind of change seldom comes easy.

In this presentation, the goal is to get the audience to take a good look at their lifestyles. Stosh believes there is a direct relationship between one’s level of well-being and one’s success in life, personally, and professionally. He deals with traditional wellness topics (physical fitness, nutrition, and stress management), in a very non-traditional way! He also emphasizes personal responsibility, and the need for laughter and playfulness in our lives. Stosh hopes the side effects of this “gentle booster shot of health information”, will be slightly sore abdomens (from laughing), and temporary wrinkles (from smiling).

WARNING: Please consult with your physician before attending.